On the road to Dunedin

The way from Lake Benmore Dam to Dunedin we start on a slightly overcast day. After brief stops at the dams of the large reservoirs of the region our first cultural stop is a Maori Rock Art Site. Most rock paintings have already been removed, and can only be seen at museums. The remaining fragments find little admiration of us.

The dreary gray day calls us to stop in the outside pink and inside pretty “Flying Pig Cafe”. Strengthened with a muffin we head to the Elephant Rocks, which lie in the middle of a sheep pasture, and need to be approached with consider care (sheep droppings).

In Oamaru, we encounter the Pacific coast and are warned by a sign in town to watch out for penguins passing the road in the early evening. In the further course of the coast south to Dunedin, we are espeially excited at the lookout “Shag Point” at which several groups of fur seals can be admired. In addition, a green overgrown rock on closer inspection turned out to be a huge elephant seal.


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