Invercargill to Te Anau

The day begins in Invercargill, as so often when we are in a city, with a 2-hour visit to the library to check mails and update the blog. After the duty is done it’s only a short walk through the city (as it is not that large), and then in its heart the Queen Park. This facility would be noticed positively in a town 10 times as big, but for a city with 50,000 inhabitants the location is absolutely top. A large, central park with a museum, a rose garden, 18-hole golf course is well maintained and landscaped.

From here it is straight to the west, with a nice stop on Hilltop Lookout over Riverton and then north towards the Fiordland. Our camp for the night is next to the old Clifden Swing Bridge.

When getting up, just across the fence we look into the faces of a flock of sheep which has taken position here, however, this is not uncommon in a country of over 40 million sheep. The trail continues to Manapouri and the lake of the same name. From here we head to Te Anau, the tourist center of the region. Once there, we use the afternoon to hike a part of the 4-day Kepler Track. This short 4-hour tour leaves us with a mix of wilderness adventure and “Lord of the Rings” impressions and raises the hope for more positive experiences in the coming days.


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