Lake Tekapo

Our today’s stage takes us from Geraldine to Glentanner near Mt Cook. Along the way, we make a long stop at Lake Tekapo using the corresponding Lake Tekapo Village, in order to shoot photos of the turquoise lake, that gets its colour because of the reflexions on the rock particles of origin glacier lake. Noteworthy on the way there is the gray weather at the start, that ends abruptly behind the Burkes Pass, where the clouds seem to get stuck in the mountains. The whole day at Mackenzie area behind is marked by a bright blue sky.

To keep up with the training and to have an even better perspective of the lake, we decide to hike up the nearby Mount John with its observatory on the top. Our attention at the summit, however, was more focused on the Astro Cafe, where we stop for coffee with superb views of the lake below us, than the actual observatory. A wide loop along the lakeshore takes us back to the village where the supplies for the next 2-3 nights at the foot of Mt Cook are replenished.


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