Little Mt Peel

Our first night in Lucy (our campervan) in the Peel Forest Camp lies behind us and for today we have planned a daytour to Little Mount Peel. This tour is advertised at the campground as one alternative to discover the area. Two and a half hours to a nice viewing point at 1300 m is written there.

Looking forward to this, we head off from our campground, drive to the starting point a few kilometers away and get on walking. After more than an hour of steep ascent through the forest, we reach the treeline and realise with a litle dismay, that there is still a long and steep ascent waiting for us. Only now we start to realise, that this mountain might be lower compared to the Australian Alps and the coming targets, but that we start at only 300 m and hence have to climb a good 1000 m this day.

After having dealt with all the, sometimes very steep, climbs, however and are standing at the summit the strain is forgotten at the least. From here you can not only see all the surrounding peaks, but also the entire eastern plain of New Zealand up to the sea and the Rangitata River on its way towards it directly in front of us. To spend the lunch break with our sandwiches here is simply unique.

The reward for the successful tour is, as so often with us, a piece of meat on the BBQ at the campsite in Geraldine, where we test also the new Vodafone SIM card, which allows us to call German and Polish fixed lines for just 2 NZD / for up to 60 minutes. (0.63€ 1 NZD or 1.58 NZD = 1€).


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