Melbourne & Australian Open

At the end of our first period in Australia we visit Melbourne, the second of the two big cities. Our timing could not have been better, as the start of the Australian Open falls into our four days in town. Hence we already have a program for Monday, but the other days have to be filled as well.

The first day is mostly about catching up with our friend Martin, talking about each of our travels from last year and the plans we have for 2013 and 2014. We have a lot of time for this, because we were so fortunate to be invited over for BBQ by his girlfriends family. Altogether we spend a very relaxed Sunday.

Monday is eventually our day at the Australian Open. We are at the playgrounds from 11 am to 9 pm watching matches or just enjoying the great atmosphere. As a Polish-German team we obviously watch Radwanska, Kerber and Janowicz play (and win). In addition we also get to see a few other top players like Li and Berdych. Without doubt this day needs to be added to the highlight list of our journey.

Tuesday we head out to see the city, which can take a few hours even if you just walk through the CBD. But we are trained pedestrians by now and time is not an issue. As before we rather like to slowly pass through the city streets than do real sightseeing, and somehow it’s soon 7 pm, time to meet Martin and Corrie. After a nice dinner together, they join our preparation for New Zealand by watching “The Hobbit” with us.

Wednesday is finally the day we are leaving for Christchurch, but we still have most of the day to read, update our blogs and wash all our clothes.

With this the first 19 days in Australia have passed already. It was a great time and we are both looking forward at the thought of coming back here for even longer in 2 months time.


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